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Shot of a couple using a laptop while going through monthly expenses together at home

The biggest credibility parameter for any small and micro business or any business for that matter is generation of invoices.

Customers generally prefer to deal with shops, agents, consultants or any business where they get bills or invoices.

This single document is not just proof of your trade but gives a sense of security and an instrument to claim if and when unsatisfactory product/ service is received.

However managing bills and invoices through paper is tedious, non-durable and heavy on resources.

Creating bills using spreadsheet or world processor is another common practice use by micro businesses, but that too is unduly heavy on resources, limited in features and is very generic thus has restricted scope.

Modern billing/ invoicing softwares like OnlineKhata www.onlinekhata.co.in is a very powerful, time and cost efficient tool available for this important business task.

Specially with software services like OnlineKhata www.onlinekhata.co.in there is an added advantage of anytime anywhere billing.

So right from your shop counter, till POS outlet at a trade fair or even on the go, anyone can generate bills and send them over to their customers through various means.