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Bookmatic PVT LTD : Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Refund Policy

Use of all our services are subject to the following terms and conditions:
Bookmatic PVT LTD and it’s affiliates as well as payment and other service providers take no responsibility except the responsibility of ensuring the integrity and security of your data is limited to the scope of our servers and related infrastructure.
Bookmatic PVT LTD is not responsible for the data you enter as part of the utilization of our services, including but not limited to invoices, bills, customers and suppliers or resulting transactions there-off. The data is solely considered as belonging to the user.         Bookmatic PVT LTD shall not be liable for any damages or losses either incidental, consequential, accidental, direct, indirect, punitive or in any other way resulting from the use of our service.
Bookmatic PVT LTD does not sell, sub-license or subcontract your data either personal or transaction-related.                  
Privacy Policy:
Bookmatic PVT LTD provides it’s users products/ services exclusively for the purpose of business needs including and limited to financial transactions, billing, invoicing, report generation and any other feature which is a part of the provided functionality. Bookmatic PVT LTD. Has no claim or authority over the user’s data. The users have total ownership of their data and Bookmatic PVT. LTD. Does not sell, sublicense or subcontract the data. Bookmatic PVT. LTD. May provide access to user data to a government body in the event of such a request or judgment under the relevant law and if the concerned government authority makes an explicit request to that extent.
Terms & Conditions:
Bookmatic PVT LTD provides all it’s services for a subscription fee specified on the web site or any other information medium clearly mentioning the fees. The mentioned subscription fee should be paid in complete on purchase of any subscription package and/ or deal. Such a subscription fee is non-refundable. Bookmatic PVT LTD does not claim any right or responsibility for any data provided by it’s subscribers and/ or customers who provide all necessary information on their own and will accept the responsibility of archiving and maintaining such data on their servers with utmost security. The data thus collected is owned by it’s respective user. Bookmatic PVT LTD does not access any private data, including but not limited to business data such as bills/ invoices/ ledgers/ payment or receipt records and vouchers. Bookmatic PVT LTD does not sell, expose, or display any private data submitted by subscribers or customers to any third party or individual.
All the above clauses are subject to government compliance and any legal requirement under the jurisdiction of the Indian constitution and/ or any future amendments thereof.
Refund Policy:
All services provided by Bookmatic PVT LTD are non-refundable except in the case of a complete interruption of services lasting at least 21 days.
If you have any queries or concerns regarding your OnlineKhata account, Kindly email us at contact@onlinekhata.co.in