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The 3 core aspects of business growth and expansion for any enterprise are:

  • Legal compliance
  • Filing regular returns and
  • Evaluating business performance

Book keeping or in regular terms accounting is the very essential activity for keeping the mentioned parameters perfect, thus helping the overall reputation and growth of business.So it is needless to say that in this digital age, accounting software programs are the bain and the backbone of every small and large enterprise.

Choosing a good software for billing and accounting directly impacts the overall business performance.  At the same time if the software chosen is a mismatch to the business type or volume then it becomes an obstacle and a bottleneck to the success of that enterprise.

Book keeping software becomes particularly crucial for micro and small businesses because they have very little margin for delays or errors in the daily trade activities.It is worth noting that while there is a plethora of software choices available for medium and large enterprises, small businesses have relatively limited options available. The software or cloud based services for bigger business setups is expensive and has many complex modules with equally intricate features.

These programs need trained expert users to handle the business processes and tasks. Accountants, HR, Production Managers and several experts of the respective domains use different functions of such software services and do so usually online these days.

Micro and small businesses on the other hand have very simple needs.They don’t have big teams of employees and managers and there are not many complex business processes.   All that such business owners need is a simple way to manage their receipts, payments, bills and invoices.

Inventory management is seldom needed but that is a different story all together.Given that the processes are limited, the volume in terms of overall trade is also lesser and straight forward. However one aspect still remains complex and that is the process of accounting or maintaining books of accounts.

This is further more complicated due to the fact that more and more trade is now digital and happens online. So it becomes absolutely paramount that a book keeping software for small and micro business owners is simple, easy from the UX point of view and most importantly provides automation of book keeping where ever possible.

A small business owner needs the book keeping software to be on cloud which helps easy and seamless collaboration with auditors or POS executives.

Online Book keeping or online accounting softwares provide the biggest benefit in that they make it easy for auditors to view reports such as balance sheet, GSTR1 or P&L and make quick corrections wherever needed.

So when online billing is supported by online accounting, the stress resulting out of complex data entry and loss of business time and money can be avoided.

Amongst the gamut of software services available for micro and small businesses, OnlineKhata www.onlinekhata.co.in stands out as a unique and best choice.

While there are a few softwares which simplify billing and help online trade, OnlineKhata provides the automation for the most difficult, fundamental and time consuming process, namely accounting.  In a nutshell OnlineKhata automatically does the double book keeping based data entry against all bills, invoices, receipts and payments.

Every time the user creates any of these documents, the virtual accountant of OnlineKhata actively does the book keeping under the hood, thus shielding the small business owner from either getting into learning accounting or hiring an accountant for data entry.

As a result book keeping is automated and also more accurate as manual intervention is not required.

As a result of this unique feature, OnlineKhata generates all business reports including sales and purchase registers, GSTR1, Balance sheet, Profit and loss etc all without any manual accounting entries.This implies that such business owners can take the ready reports directly to the auditor for further processing.

Since the accounting happens automatic, the dashboard has all the information in simple graphs in a way that can be understood by smallest of enterprise owners.

All these unique and easy business benefits come for as less as RS. 1000 per yer.

It can thus be concluded that OnlineKhata www.onlinekhata.co.in is not just the best but only chose for micro and small business owners who are looking out for easy and simple software service that can save business time as well as money.

OnlineKhata www.onlinekhata.co.in has been developed with a specific purpose of automating accounting for small and micro businesses and reduce compliance cost by 80% and help owners give all the time to do their business.